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Starburst slot

Relax on the beach, go diving, surfing, building sandcastles and eating lots of ice cream. This is what the Starburst slot, developed by Playtech, is all about. In addition to a wild, scatter and bonus symbol including a bonus round, it also has a progressive jackpot.

Whether that is enough to avoid boredom and what sums you can count on if you manage to hit the jackpot, our detailed review will show you.

This is what the Starburst slot machine offers

Starburst slot is a real jackpot slot with a progressive, unlimited pot. From every bet a certain amount is paid into this pot.

No other Playtech casino games are connected, but every player in every online casino takes part, so that it fills up quickly. In addition, the machine takes a lot of time with the payout.

On average, you have to wait a whopping 8 months before a payout is triggered again. When the time comes, you can look forward to millions. On average, 2.5 million euros are paid out, and one lucky winner was even able to look forward to more than 6 million euros.

How to hit the Starburst slot jackpot

Surprisingly, the way to the Starburst slot Slots Jackpot does not lead via the bonus game, but via the wild symbol. The laughing sun has to be five on the 20th payline so that it is paid out in the current amount. The 20th payline was chosen because the number of paylines is the only adjustable parameter that determines the total bet. The fixed coin size ensures that you can only win the jackpot if you play with the maximum stake.

The game principle of the Starburst slot Jackpot Slot

Starburst slot paytable

Anyone who opens the Starburst slot Jackpot slot machine for the first time should find their way around relatively quickly. The menu is integrated directly into the main screen. You can only set the number of paylines and for experts there is also an auto-play mode and a turbo mode. With the former, an adjustable number of game rounds can be carried out automatically, the latter accelerates the animations so that the rounds can be played faster.

The scatter symbol is not linked to paylines and can appear at any position on the field. It is also a valid winning combination if, for example, there are 3 scatter symbols on a single reel.

In addition, all winnings are offset against the total stake, which makes it a very valuable symbol. The Treasure Chest Bonus Symbol paves the way to the bonus round, appropriately named “Sunken Treasure”. At least three of the symbols are required to enter them, although it should be noted that these must be on a single payline. When this is done, the machine changes the playing field and displays 12 treasure chests, of which the player can choose three. It is irrelevant whether the player entered the bonus round with more than the required three chest symbols.

Top Starburst slot Casinos in Germany

Playtech casino slots are very popular. That’s why you can find them in many casinos. In our opinion, you get the best casino bonus at William Hill Casino, Ladbrokes or the Euro Grand. There is a 100% welcome bonus on the first deposit and, depending on the casino, there is up to EUR 1,000 in it, which can be used for an accelerated start or as an emergency buffer. Apart from the real money casino slots, the three casinos have a lot to offer. So you can have fun with sports betting, the lottery and live casino games such as roulette or bingo and put your luck to the test.

Conclusion on the Starburst slot Jackpot slot machine

If you want to be successful at Starburst slot, you have to be patient, because due to the long time until the payout, it takes a while until the pot is properly filled again and since the timing is difficult to estimate, you may have to invest a little , in order to be successful. Apart from the jackpot, there is unfortunately not too much to discover, but at least the bonus round is fun and we also liked the implementation of the topic.


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