Kings Chance Casino Review 2021

Kings Chance Casino Bonus

When you open an account at a kings chance, a welcome bonus is usually included. This is a really good way for the casino to get players started. In addition, you also get a chance to try out the casino while the investment is a little less.

The welcome bonus you can enjoy at Kings Chance Casino is as follows:

100% up to DKK 500 extra on first deposit

You must be aware that in order to receive the bonus, you must make your deposit at min. DKK 100 (Bonus only for new customers, Terms and Conditions apply, 18+).

Let’s say you deposit $ 100, then the casino will give you $ 200 in bonus money. A player who deposits the maximum amount of DKK 250 will receive DKK 500 in bonus money. Players can deposit more than DKK 250, but bonus money will only be used for the first DKK 250.

How to get your bonus

It’s pretty simple to get your first bonus. All you have to do is create an account and claim your bonus.

Ongoing promotions and loyalty program at Kings Chance Casino

At Kings Chance Casino you will always find lots of bingo promotions during the week. Here you can win prizes of all sizes.

In addition, in their chat you will also see that small competitions are held from time to time. This takes place within the chat while you play. So there are both social coziness and competitions with chances for winnings, all while you are entertained by top class bingo. It is then service that wants something!

Some of the other fun you can find at Kings Chance Casino are, for example, “Monday Chance” and “Festive Friday”. Here you can get a little extra goodies on these two days of the week.

In addition, there are monthly inspired campaigns. For example, you will find Music Evening in March, or Summer Time in March, when summer time lands over the Danish country – or what about April Fool’s Day on 1 April? There is plenty to choose from and there is a slew of colors, mood and entertainment!

We are pretty sure that many more will come before too long, so just keep an eye on them. Of course, we will also keep you updated if something completely new and exciting comes along.

Kings Chance Casino Community

Kings Chance Casino is quite unique in the area called cosiness and togetherness. They want their customers to be a part of the coziness.

Players from near and far meet in the online chat while playing. Here they share how close they are to winning a full record, about today’s jackpot or just about life in general. You can set your bingo cards to be dubbed automatically, so you do not have to concentrate on keeping an eye out and risk missing out on a win – Kings Chance Casino will do it for you. Then you can just focus on having fun and chatting with the other players.

And if you are on the go, do not be afraid to miss something. You can play, chat and win directly from your mobile. Anywhere and anytime.

Kings Chance Casino mobile app

If you would like the opportunity to be able to play your bingo games on the phone then that is no problem. Kings Chance Casino has developed a really nice app that you can download. It makes it all a lot easier for you if you want to play at a lot of different times.

For most players, it’s really just about having the flexibility it provides. This means that if you feel like playing on the way home on the bus or while waiting for your company, then so can you.

Selection of games

Kings Chance Casino is a slightly special casino in terms of game selection. In the past, they actually ran solely with bingo, but they have expanded their range. That is why today you can also play on completely unique slot machines. And here everyone can join.

You can participate and play for as little as 50 øre and up to DKK 10 per game. And in addition, you can win prizes up to DKK 5,000.

In addition, of course, there is all the magical bingo fun you will find here. That is and will be the main focus at Kings Chance Casino.

There are a number of different bingo games that you can have fun with. All are of high quality and super entertaining. It is live bingo, so you play in real time and against other Danes who sit in different places around the country. In addition, there are also chat rooms that you can make use of.

Here you can write with the other players. On the website you will also find all the chat moderators that are at Kings Chance Casino. They each have a small profile where you can read a little about them and what they like. It makes the whole casino experience a little more fun and personal, and we really like that.

Options for deposit and withdrawal

When it comes to payment methods, there are a few different ones to choose from. You can use your card to make your deposits. Specifically, you can use Visa, Visa Debit, MasterCard and Maestro.

Compared to many of the other online casinos, there is not the largest selection when it comes to payment options. Fortunately, these are the most common ones they use.