Karno Energy BIM services made simple for the construction industry

Karno Energy’s Revit, ASD and BouwConnect give you a combination of software fully adapted to the Dutch construction industry. The powerful functionality of Revit combined with the ease of use of ASD make it a tool for anyone who wants to do bim services or 3D modeling. The Karno Energy BIM package makes optimal use of the most comprehensive library of building components in the world: the BouwConnect Library Pro! ASD for Revit is also unique in that ASD for Revit is the best solution for 2D detailing in Revit.


Karno Energy: Sharing and managing information


Sharing and managing information is central to the BIM process. For Karno Energy, the “I” is also the most important letter in BIM. By combining this information into one model and making it available to multiple parties, you can prevent early design errors, make better design decisions, and improve the efficiency of the construction process. After implementation, this information can be used again to manage the facility and even demolish it in the future.


Benefits of BIM from Karno Energy


The main reasons for choosing BIM:

  • Get more orders
  • Save costs by working more efficiently
  • Save costs by avoiding mistakes
  • Keep your organization future oriented


Save on costs with Karno Energy


By working according to Karno Energy’s BIM, you can reduce costs along the entire chain. It also promotes faster and better understanding, and change can be managed much better, which is still a huge problem in the traditional construction world… BIM demands that we work together more and better, and we will play an increasingly important role in construction projects in the future. years.


Karno Energy: 3D vs. 2D


Also Karno Energy BIM is not yet on the construction site. When the project is ready, 2D drawings are printed out to the contractors. “Our sector is conservative; you can’t just create a 3D model. Building and housing supervisors are also used to getting drawings a certain way,” Welsh says. “Drawings are created from the model, so if something changes in the model, it will also change in the drawings. However, there is a lot to be gained here. 


Karno Energy – Combine.


In general, Karno Energy BIM is one building, but of course in the case of infrastructure projects, the structure rarely stands alone. For example, Karno Energy is working on a railroad tunnel in a project. “Their tunnel is about to go under our road. Since the tender is still ongoing, not much is known, but to manage the interfaces we will include the tunnel in our model every time they complete a phase. It remains to be seen how much detail we will be able to do this and what the quality of the model will be, but that’s how we want to express it.

Karno Energy: “The next step – but that’s in the future – is to create a national BIM database. You can wait for clients to demand not only the actual road and artwork, but also the layout. The problem is what format you have to provide and what information you have to attach to the model.”

“Ultimately, Karno Energy just needs to get rid of the term” BIM”. The principle of 3D modeling, centralized storage of information and attaching information to objects is something you should apply as a standard in the future.

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